Freestanding Tubs, Walk In Tubs & Bathtub Showroom in Fremont, Cupertino, San Francisco, Sonoma CA & Further

In our Fremont bathtub showroom we display over 400 bathtubs of all shapes and sizes! 

There is a style for every project:


Rectangle: Ideal for maximizing the available space in a bathroom. Tubz has nearly 200 on display in all the sizes.

 Freestanding Tub Fremont CA


Oval: Very pretty for a master bath, the oval tub is set in a deck of tile, marble, etc.  Tubz has over 100 on display in all the sizes.

 Bathtub Showroom Cupertino CA


Corner:  Can be very useful for saving space in a bathroom, the corner tub will fill the niche and leave the rest of the room open for other uses.  Tubz has at least a dozen on display.

Bathtub Showroom Palo Alto CA 


Clawfoot: A vintage look that provides an elegant look to any bathroom.  There are also lots of specialty accessories that can go with them. Tubz has about a dozen on display.

Freestanding Tub Menlo Park CA



Pedestal: The pedestal sits in pride of place in any bathroom and can look as vintage or modern as a person would want.  There are also lots of specialty accessories that can go with them. Tubz has over 40 on display.

Freestanding Tub  Berkeley CA



Japanese Style Tubs: The Japanese style tub is a unique bathing experience where you are sitting rather than laying down.  Tubz has about 5 on display.

Freestanding Tub Castro Valley CA



Walk-in Tubs: The walk-in tub is a great choice for anyone with mobility issues.  If a person has been injured, has a medical condition that is taking away mobility or coordination, or is simply looking to safely age in place, the walk-in tub is a great option to consider.  Tubz has over 30 on display.

Walk In Tub Fremont CA