Elegant Toilets & Washlets in Our Bathtub Showroom 

Tubz has everything from toilets to showers to freestanding tubs! Proudly serving Santa Rosa, Menlo Park, Berkeley, Concord CA & nearby areas 

To finish off your bathroom suite, toilets and washlets are essential. Tubz in Fremont, CA is fully stocked to give you what you need.

Modern toilets are designed with minimal water use and maximum efficiency in mind. This most necessary part of your bathroom suite should last you many years, so you're going to need to choose carefully. Thankfully, our showroom has a large collection for your perusal. Another consideration is of course the toilet seat itself.


With cleanliness and hygiene being a big issue for many people, increasing numbers of homes these days have bathrooms featuring bidets or washlets. If you are looking to complete your family bathroom or upgrade a smaller downstairs powder room, our Fremont showroom is the place to come to!

Visit our showroom or contact us today to learn more about our toilets, washlets, showers, and bathtubs. Choose Tubz for your bathroom needs in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Orinda, CA and surrounding areas.